Live Rooms

Session recording Belfast

RedBox Recording Studios has four separate isolated live rooms for recording music and one breakout high ceiling room with inputs for a natural room/hall reverb. Each room has its own sound and is adjustable to the requirements of the music. All of our isolation rooms have are hooked into a closed circuit camera system which offers a line-of-sight for each room in addition to the windows by watching one of our many 42 inch LCD HDTV’s located in each recording room. This system can switch between every view in the building including all of the recording rooms and the control room, and even the outside cameras for detecting when other band members arrive or when the pizza guy shows up.

The TVs can also be used for other purposes such as voice over to video work. In addition to microphone inputs, each room has speaker and instrument lines patched directly to the control room for clients that do not wish to be in the room with instruments that require amplification. A musician may place their speaker cabinet in one of our live rooms while recording in the control room.

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