Sound Design & Track-laying

Dónal O'Connor's producing control room at RedBox Recording Belfast

Each and every fiction project, be it a feature film, TV drama or dramatic reconstruction, seeks to create a totally believable world.

Sound is essential to creating this world, without it the illusion is not complete. Sound can expand the image, it can intensify the atmosphere, create a mood, build tension and suspense, bring comedy, add pace and increase emotion. It can do all this and more but above all else it has a vital role in making the film believable.

At Redbox we are aware of the responsibility that comes with Sound Design and Track laying. We are confident in our creative ability coupled with our technical knowhow to deliver the soundtrack your project deserves. We are passionate about sculpting in sound to produce the sonic landscape that best creates a believable world for your story to inhabit.

We also understand the importance of space in the audio architecture, allowing the piece to breath. Using ambience, atmosphere and FX from our extensive bespoke library, dialogue editing, ADR and foley applied with experience and imagination you will arrive at the mix with everything you need and hopefully more than you expected.

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