Martin Meehan – The Fox’s Lament

Produced, recorded & mixed here at Redbox Studios by Dónal O’Connor and mastered by Cormac O’Kane, Martin Meehan’s long awaited second album delivers energy and melodic revelry in a well weighted Northern musical punch, as Martin creates a poignant yet thrilling journey for the listener. Like every good story this album conveys both emotional highs and lows. It harks back to the ancient plains of Ireland and points to the Celtic shores of foreign lands. Featuring solid earthy timbre, multi-layering and blending of flutes, the album reveals Martin’s outstanding musicality and uniqueness. Accompanying musicians are intertwined so intimately, it is as though they are all drawing inspiration from the same source; a feat not easily achieved for a solo album. The Fox’s Lament embodies the living tradition which is constant, vibrant and rooted so firmly in the heart of this County Armagh flute player.


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