TG4 / Publicis Fleadh TV Advert

Donal O’Connor was Music Director and Arranger for Publicis Advertising Agency’s Advert for FleadhTV on TG4.

Featuring Sean Nós dancer Sibeal Davitt, Publicis Dublin make a big song and dance about their latest work for TG4 and FleadhTV. The original idea from creative team, Luke O’Reilly and Neil Hanratty uses a unique style that really helps the film to stand out from the norm.

The film “Worth making a song and dance about” directed by Bob Gallagher features a couple making a bit of supper as they casually lip-sync to the sound of a bodhrán and fiddle having a conversation. The track seamlessly kicks up a notch when they flick on FleadhTV live.

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