Avid Edit Suite at RedBox Recording Studios Belfast

When getting your records mixed with us, you’ll experience a one on one relationship with your mix engineer. The engineer will make sure every detail you provide will be considered when your music is going in for Mixdown. There are extra options you can chose when booking  your mix, such as, Manual Pitch Correction for Vocals or instruments, Clean Edit, Full Session Stem, or any other specific detail you’d like to note. We’ll ask you to send over your rough mix and a commercially released song that you’d like your record to sound more or less like.

We can also do the following;

  • Manual Pitch Correction
    • This form of pitch correction is usually a very subtle and discrete form of pitch correcting. This is done for a very natural sounding performance. In Manual Pitch Correction, each syllable can be manipulated and moved up or down in pitch. Even the vibrato on each word can be added to or subtracted from.
  • ​​Rhythm Section Correction
    • ​The Rhythm Correction option is best selected when there are obvious errors within the timing of a vocal, drum, instrument or any sound in the song. This can usually be a tedious process depending on the material, especially sloppily played acoustic drums.
  • ​Full Session Stem
    • ​A Full Session Stem out is when each track is printed (exported) individually through all of its processing. This is done in order to retain all of the processing plugins and/or hardware (gear) used during the mixing process. A fully stemmed out session will enable you to import all of the ‘stems’ of your session (kick, snare, keyboard, lead vocal, bg vocal, etc..) into your DAW while retaining the actual mix of the song without needing any of the gear or plugins that the engineer has used. This is useful for live shows, changing the mix if desired and just having your song fully tracked out. It is not common for the engineer to stem your session out to you after the completion of a mix unless asked to do so. Depending on the song size, this process can take up to 3 hours, which is why it is optional and an additional fee.
  • ​Clean / Radio Edit
    • ​Removing profanity with slience or sound fx, delays, etc.
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