MUSIC PR for Trad, Folk & Roots

So you’ve finished the album………. what next??

How do you get it into the hands of the right radio presenters, bloggers, reviewers, press, festival bookers?

That’s where we come in.

RedBox Music PR is a branch of the RedBox Studios Group, specialising in mailing, PR and marketing campaigns for Independent Traditional, Folk and Roots artists to entertainment industry clients, radio and media clients, festivals, reviewers, bloggers and record labels, large and small. As we are based in Belfast, we see ourselves as the perfect gateway for Irish artists into the UK market and for UK artists into the Irish market. We have been developing databases and relationships with all the movers and shakers in the music business in Ireland and the UK for the last 15 years.

We hand package everything, incorporate DIY crafting into the packages, write bios that will tell your story and put a lot of care and effort into the mailing!
We love to work for artists that we think will impact on people’s lives and we have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of traditional, folk and roots music from the grassroots to the biggest names in the industry. Our goal with promotional mailing is to introduce your music to the movers and shakers within the music Industry. This can lead to radio play, CD reviews, blog posts, concert and festival bookings and online sales. But more importantly it will get your music, your voice and your message out to the world…..that’s what we are about!

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We will act as the conduit between artists and media, venues, festivals and press coverage to bridge the gap and offer our wealth of experience and contacts in the music industry to guide artists through the minefield of press exposure and help to maximise on the outcome of same.

Your package will be sent to our contact list of independent media outlets in the regions of your choice. These outlets will include radio, print, festivals, venues and online media. We have spent years developing and updating our database of contacts that are relevant to the traditional and folk music sector. We have worked with these people before and have established our reputation as a company that promotes the very best in traditional, folk and roots music. We also maintain a list of today’s top music blogs and part of our campaign involves targeted emails to those blogs requesting coverage.

Our service after your CD is mailed can last up to 4-6 weeks. We can follow up via email or phone call with all the contacts for feedback, reviews or extra plays. Follow up and feedback can often stop a project/talent in its tracks, but with our trusted and valued contacts and experience, we can make this an enjoyable part of the journey for you.

realta2 Photo Album Cover

Your album will be the focus of a campaign tailored specifically to you and your music. A fully sculpted bio and press release specifically for you and your album will be created and submitted with CD Cover/photo that will tell your story and introduce you to the industry.

We will then mail your CD out to an agreed number of key placed contacts within the industry in a specially designed package that will immediately grab their attention. We will follow up for the CD and solicit direct feedback, encourage plays, network with DJs and producers and generally work like ants to make sure your album is the one being discussed.

This is a very successful and exciting campaign that will create a lot of buzz and hype. The amount of CDs that you wish to submit for this package is determined by your choice of either our SILVER or GOLD packages.
This service includes:

  • Custom designed Bio and CD Cover/Photo tailored to you and your album –
  • (Sample Press Releases – PAULINE SCANLON, RÉALTA, ULAID)
  • Follow up calls and feedback.
  • Inclusion on the REDBOX web page and Social Media

  Susan Bates cover

The digital campaign is centred on our extensive database of reviewers in print and online media, who may wish to receive music digitally via a 3 track WAV or MP3 file. This is considered the latest way to get your music heard with immediate impact.

The digital mailing campaign will take place before the physical mail out and will alert the recipients as to the forthcoming physical CD.
We will custom design you an “EFlyer” with graphics tailored to your album and telling your story in a quick and easy accessible manner, popular with so many today.
The amount of contacts emailed is determined by your choice of either our SILVER or GOLD packages.

This package will include:

  • Custom design work
  • Production of bio and E Flyer
  • Link to MP3s and/or Website
  • Individual follow up

IDIR COVER - FINAL  oonagh cd

The RedBox Combo mailing service combines both the traditional and the digital service and is highly recommended for that powerful, modern all-encompassing approach to get your music heard, played and reviewed!


Oonagh Derby –



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