ADR Dialogue Replacement

Mastering Control Room at RedBox Recording Studios Belfast

ADR is a necessary evil of the modern film and TV post production process. It is rarely met with enthusiasm and for good reason as it is difficult to reproduce a performance perhaps months later.

We are technically equipped to accurately record ADR but equally importantly we understand the requirements of ADR on a personal level and work hard to ensure the environment is conducive to getting the best performance in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Should your Director be unable to attend the session we are able to supply an experienced Director to help guide the talent through the session as well as providing remote connections to anywhere in the world.

Red box offers a fantastic and comfortable ADR/voice-over facility. In our Belfast city centre location we have dedicated ADR facilities which are fully equipped for all sound to picture post production requirements. One of the unique qualities that sets Redbox apart is that our dubbing engineers are also hugely experienced media composers who can bring an added artistic sensitivity to your film, television or new media project. We can not only fulfil your sound post-production requirements but can also arrange any music composition or arranging requirements you may have in house if so desired. Recently we have specialised in the sound design for numerous ipad and android apps.

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