Attended Mastering

Mastering Control Room at RedBox Recording Studios Belfast

RedBox Recording is all about high quality sound which is why we built great sounding control rooms with carefully designed acoustics. You’ll hear your music with more clarity than you’ve ever heard it before. We care about great audio  and that means more than just using the best gear. We develop a personal relationship  with each of our clients, finding out what music means to them and the philosophy behind the sounds they create. We do everything we can to help fulfill their artistic goals. We approach each project with no preconceptions
and a passion for our art. If you are interested in mastering with us or just want some feedback on your mix please feel free to get in touch.

Mastering is the part of the process that enhances the audio and delivers it with the correct levels, equalization and compression for the intended output medium.

That could be a radio mix, MP3 or WAV for digital distribution, a broadcast compliant audio file or a CD or surround sound DVD or Blue-ray audio. It requires the latest knowledge of the current music and broadcast industry standards and an awareness of how these are changing in an attempt to stop the loudness wars of the last 15 years. This period resulted in an over-compression and degradation of audio in general.

We use various state of the art sound restoration tools to remove unwanted noise from your projects. We can get rid of telephones in the background, hums, clicks, coughs, buzzes in fact anything you don’t want on the final performance. Rumbles, hiss and crackle removal are no problem either whilst not taking away from the music in any noticeable way.

We can master your audio in a day if necessary but  are never satisfied until you are completely happy with your product.Sometimes projects can take longer as we revisit and  craft the audio in reaction to your thoughts and responses. We can also  recommend local and international duplication facilities on request and advise you on the best ways to achieve online distribution.

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